Big Prayers, Donations Needed

Prayers needed! Donations needed! Calling all prayer warriors and huge-hearted donors. Just where do I begin? My precious, beloved, Beckles with Speckles, rescued 30 minutes before euthanization years ago who has graciously “fostered” countless homeless dogs ever since, is in the doggie hospital today in critical condition. Senior chocolate lab Joshua, covered in tumors and whisked out of a shelter over a year ago with a massive tumor where he faced euthanization, almost died two weeks ago and required major doggie hospital care. My little Billie of 15 years just went to heaven a few months ago. Several other Walk by Faith dogs have faced health issues in the past few weeks. Prayers needed! Donations needed!

Billie, the smaller dog, is now in heaven.
Beckles, lying beneath Billie, is on her way there.

Though Walk by Faith Ministry’s mission is to share the Gospel as we minister the Lord’s love to a world in need via  praying, preaching, inspirational writing, distributing the Lord’s provisions to those in need, and helping homeless dogs, we have managed to maintain our bare-bones budget for the ministry as a whole but have incurred extra big expenses with the health issues. I have decided to WALK BY FAITH and trust that God will continue to provide everything needed to continue forward in following His lead in my life and this ministry.

Thank you in advance for anything you are led to sow in prayers and/or donations! 

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