Come Spend Time with Me


Ever feel like someone you love just isn’t making the effort to spend time with you? Feel a little hurt? A lot hurt even? Rejected? Wondering if the person really loves you? Hurt the person won’t make more of a sacrifice? Or any sacrifice at all? This message is not about you and I and the people we love not spending time with us. It is about the Lord Jesus Christ – and a question.

“Come spend time with me,” I heard the Holy Spirit of God speak to my hurt.

I had been so incredibly busy serving God that I had neglected spending time with Him to the degree I really desire. And that He desires.

So here is my question. Never mind the people you love who may not be spending enough time with you. How are you doing when it comes to spending time alone with Jesus?

To love God, experience and enjoy Him, pray to Him and seek Him, hear Him, read the Bible and learn of Him and from Him, to praise and honor and sing to Him, to worship Him, to simply be with Him, to meditate on Him and His love and His gloriousness, to grow in your love for Him, to pour out your heart to Him, to receive His love, comfort, healing, hope, joy, peace, His wisdom and direction, etc.?

Is the Lord speaking to you through this message?

Do you hear the Lord speaking to your heart, “Come spend time with me”?

Let us not make this a one-time thing. Or a once-in-a-while thing. Jesus and spending time in the Lord’s presence, and living to love and worship and serve and glorify God forever, simply put, Jesus #1. Jesus first. Jesus for always. Jesus forever.

Please, friend, make Jesus number #1 in your life. And spend time with Him each and every day. Amen!

“My beloved spoke, and said to me: “Rise up, my love, my fair one, And come away.” Song of Solomon 2:10 NKJV

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