Daughter of the Most High God

I remember the day I finally realized I am a daughter of the most high God. I was exhilarated – beyond description. I could barely fathom that after decades of living like a wounded bird, I had discovered that I had the wings to fly. I had had the wings long before I made this realization, but how could I fly without knowing the wings I possessed. Like so many women I have met, I had spent years looking around me to determine my worth. I had been rejected and abandoned by so many significant men in my life that I could not imagine I had a worth at all. But one day, this bird looked up instead of around – and I saw myself as a daughter of the most high God. Then, eventually, I realized I am also a bride of Christ. With God as my father and Jesus as my husband, I was no longer a wounded worthless bird. I had realized I had the wings to fly. My wings are still wobbly, and I have such a very long way to go. Some days, I forget about my wings and I remain on the ground. Some days, I fly but fall because I look around me once again at the people who have hurt me. But then there are the days I fly and I soar. With my eyes, my heart, and my mind fixed on Jesus my beloved, I remember then who I am. I am a daughter of the most high God.
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