Do Not Be Moved


When the Holy Spirit of God gave me a few brief instructions for my ministry work and finished by telling me, “Do not be moved,” I knew immediately what He meant. Perhaps you need to hear the message He gave me about not being moved.

That day, I faced some unexpected challenging news along with several other challenges all coupled with big fatigue, frustration, irritability, and discouragement. Not to mention some fear. Not the greatest combination to move forward in God’s will for the day. Why was God telling me not to be moved?

Because we are not to allow our sins, our emotions, other people, the world, and/or the devil move us off the course God has set before us. We are not to allow anything or anyone including ourselves to keep us from pressing forward in God’s will for us.

I needed to repent of my wrong heart, cast my emotions on the Lord and leave them behind, resist and rebuke the devil whom I could sense was prowling around trying to move me off course, disregard anyone or anything trying to get me to quit going forward following Jesus, and get on with the Lord’s will for me. I needed to put my trust wholly in God and press on in the power of the Spirit of Christ who lives inside His followers.

Friend, please do not let anything or anyone move you off the pathway the Lord has set before you. Be resolved to believe in and follow and live for Jesus. Do not be moved!

“He only is my rock and my salvation; He is my defense; I shall not be moved.” Psalms 62:6


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