Do Not Disturb

DO NOT DISTURB. You’ve seen the signs. They don’t all look the same. One hotel has a bigger one. Another hotel has a smaller one. One is green. Another white. Black letters. Could be purple letters. The size, the shape, the color, they make no difference. Because they all hang on doors with the same strong message. DO NOT DISTURB. So let me ask you a question.

When was the last time you hung up the DO NOT DISTURB sign to turn off the noise of the world, to humble yourself before the Lord, to pray and seek His face, to dig into His Word, to hear His voice speak to you directly, to draw closer than ever – or perhaps for the first time – to the Creator of the universe?

Is it possible your DO NOT DISTURB sign is facing the wrong direction? Is your DO NOT DISTURB sign facing God? Are you too busy with your life, with your situations, your circumstances, your agenda, your plans, dreams, occupation, social life, friends, family, events, happenings, whatever, to seek the Lord’s face?

In some form or fashion, intentionally or not, are you telling God DO NOT DISTURB? Do you need to flip your DO NOT DISTURB sign around to tell the world you need quiet time with the Lord?

My DO NOT DISTURB sign is facing the world right now. I hung it up just over a week ago when I lost my beloved dog Red, co-founder of Walk by Faith Ministry through whom along with me the Lord birthed this ministry and who helped save the life of a homeless man. In the thick of grief, coupled with facing several enormous challenges, I found myself utterly broken.

And, rather than hang up my DO NOT DISTURB sign in God’s face like I have countless times throughout my life in pursuit of the world’s band-aids, I have made it clear to the world that I am deeply immersed now in a season in the wilderness with my Lord – seeking His face, digging deep in His Word, pouring my heart out to Him, praying, listening, listening, listening, and being transformed in His Presence.

Which way is your DO NOT DISTURB sign facing? Are you in a season of being quiet before the Lord, of seeking His face in His Word and as He speaks into you heart? Do you know Jesus took time away from the crowds to spend time with His Father, with our Father in heaven? Do you find yourself there now? Do you need to do exactly this? Do you need to lovingly tell the world that the Lord is calling you to spend time in His Presence?

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