This Doesn’t Make Sense to Me


“Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6……………….

“This makes no sense to me,” I said in my heart one morning. It wasn’t an outright prayer. I wasn’t consciously trying to speak to God. I was just going about my morning dog-related chores and muttering in my heart these words concerning something I was on the precipice of doing in obedience to the Lord. This makes no sense to me.
One of the greatest challenges I believe Christ’s followers face is I think we tend to want to make sense of the Lord’s will, and to refuse to do the Lord’s will if we don’t have understanding of it, or to resist it and delay obeying Him at a minimum, or to quit partway through doing the Lord’s will because we still can’t make sense of it or never did from the start, and tend to measure the Lord’s will in the world’s eyes and according to the world’s standards, according to what others are doing and what our culture says is okay and normal and not okay and not acceptable or approved of in society’s eyes, and then base whether or not we decide to do His will on any or all of this. We tend to do lots of thinking, lots of looking at what He tells us to do from the standpoint of our flesh, lots of listening to our own voice, and the voice of others, and even the voice of the devil, and then, well, hmm, we think, maybe, just maybe we’ll do God’s will – or maybe not. Or maybe we’ll give it a try – and then turn back around, or turn elsewhere, if we don’t feel God’s will measures up to – well, to what we or others think it should be, or seem like, or feel like, or well, hmm, you get the point, don’t you? Lots of self involved, lots  of world involved, maybe the devil involved, and, lots of not simply humbling ourselves and submissively lovingly reverently cleanly and clearly obeying the Lord’s voice and will. Dangerous! Disobedience comes with a cost! It’s irreverent, dishonoring, and displeasing, and even abhorrent to God, and it comes with consequences, sometimes consequences so great we can’t even fathom them, including so importantly the damage we do to our personal relationships with the Lord.
Our obedience to God MUST – MUST! – be contingent on one thing alone. THE LORD, and that He is God, and that He is sovereign, and that He is in charge of the universe, and that those of us who follow Him are to humble ourselves before Him, to seek and follow Him NO MATTER WHAT – even when His will doesn’t make sense to us, and even when His will doesn’t fit neatly and tidily into the world’s understanding if it fits there at all which it may not in the least!
If you are debating with God about what He has told you to do, or are questioning Him, resisting Him, rebelling against Him, holding back from Him, have already gone the wrong direction, are thinking of going the wrong way now that you know what He has told you to do and you’ve at least gotten started in the right direction, if you are doing anything other than humbly submitting yourself to Him, to His Word, and to His will for you, please yield yourself utterly to Him. No matter whether His will makes sense to you or not. Why? Because HE IS LORD!

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