Don’t Miss God’s Glory!


“I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth.” Psalm 34:1

Don’t miss God’s glory. Don’t miss His magnificence. Don’t miss His splendor. Don’t miss His majesty. Don’t miss His wonder. Don’t miss His goodness. Don’t miss His greatness. Don’t miss His character. Don’t miss His awesomeness. From the indescribably big things like Himself and His love and His creating the heavens and the earth and sending His only Son Christ to the cross to pay our sin penalty and then raising Him from the dead to create a way for humanity to have a forever relationship with Him through repentance and belief in Him as Lord to the every-day-a-different-sunrise-and-sunset to all the little things He does each and every day in each and every one of our lives all around the world. Like this little surprise with which He blessed me one day.

I felt totally burned out. From being on the road nearly two years for ministry. From the ministry work itself, the traveling, caring for the 5 special needs dogs, being in hotels most of the time, hotel issues, and on and on. I had told the front desk I rarely get mail. I had been thinking in days past how nice it would be to get some mail and something special and how rarely I do. On Valentine’s Day, I received a care package from dear friends. With a book about missionary burn out. With chocolate chip cookies which I LOVE. With a card with a scripture I had just written about. And a scripture on the box the Lord had recently brought to mind in a big way. Vaseline for my lips which had been getting dry. Hand sanitizer I need because of the dogs. And other goodies. A gift though from very precious friends, in truth, a gift from God. Who knows every detail of each of our lives, our needs, our desires, our very hearts. My friends hadn’t known my heart that very day, my need, my burn-out feeling. They didn’t know about the dry lips. They simply knew what the Lord had placed on their hearts to do.

My friend, forever wouldn’t be enough to praise and worship God enough and to thank Him sufficiently for how utterly amazing He is. But should we not bless the Lord anyway – at all times? And should we not make a conscious effort to keep our hearts, ears, and eyes wide open to see His glory in the infinitely big things and the absolutely tiny things and everything wonderful in between? And should we not open wide our mouths with ever praise?

Let’s praise the Lord, my friend! Let’s bless the Lord! Let’s sing to the Lord! Let’s thank the Lord! Let’s tell the world about the Lord! Let’s behold His beauty! Let’s notice His goodness! Let’s recognize and acknowledge His glory! Let’s turn our focus and attention to the Lord – and let us magnify His holy blessed forever almighty name! Oh, praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!

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