Enjoy Each Day!


Know what the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart as I was taking a wonderful long and hot walk with the Lord doing my usual praying, praising Him, singing to Him, seeking Him, and thinking about this or that along the way?

“Enjoy each day,” He told me.

Now let me be clear. God has blessed me immeasurably throughout my life, but truth is I’ve had a pretty challenging life and have struggled through most of it thus far. And the idea of enjoying each day has been pretty foreign to me as I have always had trouble relaxing and unwinding and have spent much of my time engaging in one battle and trial after another not to mention dealing with long-term emotional pain and a host of other challenges. Enjoy each day? You’ve got to be kidding me. But the Lord wasn’t kidding, and I knew what He meant. And now I share this with you.

When we have repented and believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and in His death and resurrection and have turned our lives over to God and His ways and received His forgiveness and the promise of forever life with Him, and His Holy Spirit has come to live within us, we have access to God 24-7 forever. We have an everlasting relationship with Jesus. We get to follow Him each and every day and forevermore.

And no matter what we face in the way of struggles in this life, each and every moment we can choose to trust in God, rest in Him, put our faith in Him, look to Him, hope in Him, experience His presence, share His company, fellowship with Him, commune with Him, pray to Him, praise Him, worship Him, seek Him, and hear Him. And we can obey Him, serve Him, glorify Him, come to know Him more and more, receive the fulness of His love for us, return His love, find contentment in Him, find joy in Him, rejoice in Him, and celebrate Him. And we can have peace in Him, receive wisdom from Him, abide in Him, be glad in Him, ENJOY HIM, and ENJOY THE COUNTLESS BLESSINGS HE BESTOWS UPON US throughout our lives despite the trials of this life!

I confess to you I have missed ENJOYING EACH DAY for much of my life because I have focused so much on what I have lacked, on how I have hurt, on what and whom I have lost, on how much my heart hurts, on this trial and that trial, on how things didn’t work out as I had desired, on the tragedies in my life, on situations that have broken my heart, on what others have done to me, on my own failings, on anything and everything negative, on the world’s woes, on a zillion different fears and worries, etc. See where my focus has been so much of the time? NOT ON GOD! NOT ON HIS WORD! NOT ON HIS PROMISES! NOT ON HIS BLESSINGS!

Today, this very day, even as I write this, I seek the Lord’s forgiveness for spending so much of my life focusing on the negative and for missing so much in the way of ENJOYING EACH DAY IN THE LORD. And I resolve to go forward with God’s help and strength learning how to ENJOY EACH DAY the Lord gives me by ABIDING IN HIM as I have shared with you how to do above.

Friend, this doesn’t mean we won’t have our trials and tribulations, that we won’t hurt, that we’ll never grieve, that we won’t ever feel overwhelmed, that we won’t ever be down, etc. But it does mean we have the opportunity, the choice, each and every day to ABIDE IN JESUS and to ENJOY EACH DAY IN HIM and THROUGH HIM remembering to give ALL THE GLORY – TO THE LORD!

Will you join me in this?

Oh, Father, thank you for the strong conviction you are bringing to me in leading me to write this. And in the simple and powerful words you gave me while walking. ENJOY EACH DAY. Thank you Lord for your love and grace and mercy and patience with us all, oh Lord. Forgive us for where any of us have fallen short in this. Teach us to ENJOY EACH DAY – in you! Teach us to ABIDE IN YOU! And may the world around us notice something different about us. That even in the midst of our trials, no matter our circumstances, that we choose to ENJOY EACH DAY – in you, oh Lord. AMEN!

“This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalms 118:24 KJV

God in His love for His children wants us to ENJOY EACH DAY with Him, in Him, and through Him, does He not? Do not loving fathers and mothers want their children to enjoy each day, to enjoy their relationships with their parents and families, and to enjoy all the blessings the parents bestow upon the children? God is the PERFECT LOVING FATHER who most assuredly wants us to ENJOY EACH DAY abiding in Him, fellowshipping with Him, and partaking of His blessedness and blessings! Hallelujah, AMEN!

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