Every Single Breath


I was married to a man with a horrific lung disease coupled with an opioid addiction the combination of which left him for years struggling to breathe. He used to tell people breathing for him was like trying to breathe through a straw. The end of his life was spent on oxygen. He ultimately drew his last challenging breath and went on by God’s grace alone to be with the Lord.

Every breath is a gift from the Lord, and I wonder, how many of us take this for granted as I did for so long? How many of us are thankful for every breath we take knowing full well it is only by God’s love, grace, and mercy that He gives us each and every one of them? Do we give consideration to our breathing? Are we filled with thanksgiving to the Lord?

I love the Bible verse about everything that has breath praising the Lord. Friend, let us be thankful for each breath the Lord God almighty gives us, and let us use our breaths, our words, our hearts, our very lives to love, praise, serve, and glorify God forevermore, AMEN!

Lord, for everything we have ever taken for granted right down to this very breath we are taking right now, I as I write this, and my precious readers as they are reading this, forgive us. And please accept from us our thanksgiving for everything with which you bless us with day by day throughout our lives. Our greatest blessing, Father, is you! Thank you for every single breath, and may we use all of our breaths to come to bring glory to your name however you desire, thank you, Lord, AMEN!

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