Feeling Irritated


Feeling irritated? Hit your knees! No, I don’t mean physically hit your knees! Get down on your knees! And if you’re unable to get down on your knees, or not led to get down on them, get your heart in the right place. Humble. Humble yourself and bow down whether physically or spiritually before God almighty. And pray!

Just minutes ago, exhausted from several nights of very little sleep not to mention years of not great sleep and a bunch of stuff on my mind, I was feeling irritated. I know exactly where irritation has led me over the years. To more and more sin. To my focus being on anything and everything but God. To grieving God and hurting people. And my dogs. To wrecking things. A day. My life. Whatever. Irritation is never a good thing, is it?

So if you’re feeling irritated, turn to the Lord Jesus Christ! I just did. I prayed. So briefly. And the answer came so quickly.

“Trust me,” the Holy Spirit spoke quietly and gently to my heart.

Aha. The reason for my irritation. Not so much the lack of sleep. But the lack of trust. Starting the day feeling responsible for everything. Like I have to get through the day and all that comes with it in my flesh. Rather than in the Lord.

Relieved. God drew me right back to Himself. And now I can leave the irritation behind.

Irritated? Pray! And go on with your day. Following Jesus all the way!

“Continue earnestly in prayer, being vigilant in it with thanksgiving;” Colossians 4:2 NKJV

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