Feeling Not Enough?


Feeling not enough? Ever feel like you’re not enough? Or like you’re not doing enough? I sure have. I sure do sometimes. Especially when it comes to feeling like I’m not doing enough. No matter the reasons we have come to feel this way, we still should address them, shouldn’t we?

Friend, NONE OF US is good enough for the Lord. We can never measure up to Him or earn our way to His love, forgiveness, and a forever relationship with Him. But this we receive when we turn from our sins, believe Jesus is the Son of God and is Lord and died on the cross to pay our sin penalty and was raised from the dead, truly devoting our hearts and lives to the Lord and His ways.

What if we feel like we’re not enough when it comes not to the Lord but to the world around us? Friend, we will NEVER measure up to the world’s expectations and standards. But we weren’t created to please and live up to what the world expects. We were created in the image of God not the world, and the Lord will grow us in His image when we devote our lives to Him. It’s a lifelong process!

What about feeling like we’re not or never doing enough? Some of us are lazy by nature, or depressed and paralyzed in our emotions and unable to move forward, or too anxious to get anything done, or not doing enough for whatever other reasons. Not doing enough, however, is not based on what WE think or on what OTHERS think. If we’re not doing what the Lord calls us to do day by day, we need to make some changes. And He will give us the STRENGTH and all that we need to fulfill His will day by day.

Maybe you’re like me, however. I do lots and lots each day concerning the Lord’s will for my life and ministry, but I still often feel like I’m not doing enough. Friend, this is a FEELING. And oftentimes that feeling comes from the devil’s attacks when he accuses me of being a piece of garbage, a failure, an eyesore to the Lord, etc. Or it comes from the flesh and some false notion that I need to do more to please the Lord than He has given me to do. Once again, no matter the reasons, there is a solution.

How we live our lives day in and day out is NOT to be about how we feel, what others think or say, how others respond to us, what we think, what the devil says in his accusations against us, etc. Our lives are to be devoted to Jesus, and being and doing enough is about Jesus not us, not the devil, not this world.

We are enough in Christ because as His followers our worth, significance, value, and identity are in Him. And we are doing enough when we are living according to His will day by day.

Let’s be careful to keep our eyes on Jesus, on the Bible, on His will for us, and not get caught up in the “not enough” syndrome.

Father, help us, oh help those of us who get stuck in the “not enough” syndrome. Deliver us from it, dear Lord! Help us to know we are enough in you, Lord, and that we are doing enough when we’re doing your will. Deliver us from the awfulness of living our lives with a “not enough” feeling. Instead, help us to turn our hearts and eyes to you. Lord, set us free. Today, every day, and for always. In Jesus’ name, AMEN!

“For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.” 2 Cor. 5:21

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