God is STUCK!

Sometimes I think God is stuck. I know we people talk lots about how we sometimes feel stuck. But sometimes I feel like God is stuck. I mean, think about it. I pray, and pray. And pray. And He just sits there. He leans back in His recliner, smiles down at me from heaven, and tells me to hold my horses. Be patient. So I think to myself, just who does He think He is? Doesn’t He realize I’ve been praying and waiting for a miracle for TWENTY YEARS? Doesn’t He understand I’ve hit the fast forward button so many times my finger is numb? Or that I could break the button the next time I hit it?

When my dryer broke the other day because there was too much dog hair and sand plugged up in the back of it, a friend came over to fix it. He hit the off/on switch a few times, and voila. The button broke. He got the junk out of the back, but now the dryer won’t turn on. So I had to order a new one. Just what I didn’t want to do given all the ministry’s other expenses. But at least I’m getting a new one, right? Well, it’s not like I’m going to order a new God just because He won’t answer my hugest prayer probably of my life thus far, along with a few other enormous ones. I wouldn’t want a new God anyway. I love Him too much, even if He does seem stuck sometimes.

The funny, or perhaps not so funny, thing is that it’s really not God who is stuck. It’s me that gets so stuck on wanting God to answer certain prayers – NOW – that I sometimes stop moving forward because I’m so bound and determined that the answer to my prayer is a life or death issue. I mean seriously, how can I possibly move on with my life if God doesn’t get His act together and answer my prayer? Okay, more accurately, if God doesn’t answer my prayer MY WAY – in MY TIME. Talk about stuck, right? See who’s really stuck? ME!

The good news when it comes to STUCK isn’t just that God isn’t stuck. It’s that even though I do confess that I can be stuck at times, the one thing I’m totally STUCK on more than anything else in the world is God. What does that mean? It means that I love Him so much and am so dedicated to loving and serving Him that no matter when, and if, and how, He answers my prayers, I am a totally committed follower of Jesus Christ.

And it means that even when I’m walking through valleys, and even when I’m climbing tall, rugged mountains, and even when I’m crying tears of frustration and pain and grief and who knows what else, I’m not quitting on the love of my life. I’m simply too STUCK on Him to do anything other than to carry on in my journey with Him.

So if the truth be told, when it comes to stuck, God’s not sitting in a recliner in heaven smiling down at me while He twiddles His thumbs and relishes in watching me walk through my difficult places. He is far too busy being God – with the perfect plan, the perfect timing, the perfect everything. Because my God who is never stuck does everything perfectly. After all, He is the perfect God. He is perfectly NOT stuck. And I am perfectly stuck on Him! 

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