The Gift of Listening

Today I received such a precious gift, particularly in a day and age in which nobody seems to have, or at least to take, much time. A friend of mine whom I have only met twice in person, yet who has kept in touch with me long distance nevertheless, listened to my heart as I shared openly some really tough stuff. She did not interrupt. She did not ask questions. She did not make comments. She did not give opinions. She did not offer advice. She listened. And, when I was done, a weight lifted off of me.

Though I wish I could say I am done with that weight, I am not. For I am walking through some difficult places right now, some places that are virtually impossible to describe for I rarely run across anyone who has walked through similar places. Yet the Lord has placed in my heart and life such precious friends as this one, and others. And these women of the Lord have been taking the time, and the care, and the love of God, to listen. While most of them cannot relate because they have not shared experiences likes the ones with which I am dealing, their hearts are so wide open to pour our the love of God that He pours into them.

I used to feel so alone. I am not. Not only do I have my best friend in the whole wide world to keep me company in times like these, my beloved Lord God almighty, but I have the beautiful, dear, giving, serving, daughters of His with whom He has blessed me.

Thank you Lord for loving me so much that you would pick and choose these amazing daughters of yours to walk alongside me as I walk alongside you. Thank you that we walk together in your name, and for your glory!  

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