God’s Kindness


Over the years, when I have thought of kindness, I have thought of the kindness to which we are called particularly in the well known verses in the book of Galatians about bearing the fruit of God’s Spirit who lives inside His followers. We are called to be people of faith, love, and much else – including kindness toward others. What I never really considered to the best of my recollection anyway is God’s kindness. Oh, sure, I have given quick thought to God’s “lovingkindness”, and I absolutely love that word which does not seem in my experience anyway to be used in modern day English outside of when someone is speaking or writing about the Bible. But what about simple kindness, which of course is born of love? Is this not a major attribute of the Lord Himself? Oh, yes it is!

This was brought to my attention when a beloved friend of mine a few times communicated with me in her Thanksgiving to God these words: “He is so kind.” Oh, yes He is! Kinder than imaginable. The perfect role model for the kindness to which we are called. His kindness is perfect, overflows with love, is so gentle, so sweet, so tender, so giving, so sacrificing, so generous, so wonderful, so comforting, so merciful, and on and on. When we think about Thanksgiving, and when we aspire to be thankful on an ongoing basis, may we not leave anything out when it comes to the wondrousness and gloriousness and goodness of God. Kindness included. Oh, let us thank the Lord for His loving – kindness! Amen!

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