Hearing from the Lord?


Hearing from the Lord?

 When was the last time you heard from the Lord? I hear from the Lord every single day of my life, and here is why. I read the Bible every day of my life, and God almighty speaks to us through the Bible.

He also speaks to us personally always and only in line with the Bible by His Spirit who lives inside His followers. I also hear the Lord speak to me personally daily, and here is why. I pray, seek, and listen to Him throughout the day and night as I’m going about whatever is set before me. I keep in very close contact with the Lord because He is Lord, because He is my number one love and greatest priority, and because I yearn to love and please and serve Him and be transformed by Him and know I must hear Him in order to do so.

There is nothing special about me whatsoever. I am plain and ordinary. I think of myself as the worst of all sinners and have a history of brokenness beyond measure. I struggle daily, and I would be an utter mess without Jesus as Lord of my life. I do not hear from the Lord every day because I am special. I hear from Him because I take the time to seek Him, to read the Bible, to listen, to hear, to obey, and to repent when I need to repent. This is all fundamental to having a forever relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus – and my relationship with Him – is my highest priority.

Are you hearing from the Lord? Turn your heart, your life, and your ear to Him! Turn, turn, turn to the Lord Jesus Christ now and forever and ever, AMEN!

Lord, help us to hear you! Speak to us, dear Father, through your Word and by your Spirit to our hearts personally which I know will always and only be in line with your Word. Thank you for loving us so much that you speak to us who are your followers! Thank you, oh Lord, AMEN! Draw people reading this to you, dear Lord, draw them to you, oh yes! AMEN!

 “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.” John 10:27

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