Hi everyone, 
HELP! Yes, I am asking for HELP! You heard me right! I am asking for whatever kind of help the Lord lays on your heart. Perhaps He is calling you to PRAY. Perhaps He is calling you to offer your TIME. Perhaps He is calling you to make a DONATION, or to tell others about some aspect of this ministry. I trust Him to speak to your heart, and I trust you to hear Him! So, yes, HELP!
As Walk by Faith Ministry continues to GROW, and as I continue to GROW, so do the ministry’s and my needs!! Just this morning, I ordered a new commercial strength DRYER (about $700 plus more for a service plan!) to do the LOADS of wash for the ministry’s 19 very special dogs.
MISS MIRACLE, the little disabled senior severely neglected dog who just joined the “canine crew”, still needs about $2500 for her wheelchair, surgery to remove a tumor, and her previous bills. Then there are normal operating costs plus plenty of regular ongoing and various needs!
The dogs are just one little part of Walk by Faith Ministry, and donations can be designated for the ministry as a whole (praying, preaching/teaching, writing/publishing, distributing the Lord’s provision to people in need, and providing sanctuary-style care for special needs formerly homeless dogs, etc.) OR for dogs in particular. 
Please consider how you might be led or inspired to play a part in the mission the Lord has placed on my heart for this ministry to share the Gospel while ministering the Lord’s love to a world in need. 
God bless you!!!!!!!
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