I Forgot My Toothpaste


I had walked into a store to buy toothpaste. Found the toothpaste and off I marched to the counter to pay. A few minutes later, I left the store only to have the young woman behind the cash register call out to me that I had forgotten the toothpaste I had purchased. Honestly, I didn’t care. What mattered to me was the Lord had compelled me to reach out to her in conversation whereby I found out she was in need of some love, hope, encouragement, and prayer. We had made arrangements for me to contact her when she was not at work so I could minister to her.

The toothpaste meant nothing to me when compared with the opportunity to help someone for the glory of Christ. Oh, but how often in our everyday lives do we get caught up in the toothpaste, in our calendars, in going to the gas station to get gas, in a doctor’s appointment, in this or that, and neglect to notice all the people around us who need love, help, support, encouragement, prayer, and, most of all, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST? How often are we so consumed with ourselves and our desires and needs and agendas and commitments and what we perceive to be what matters most that we don’t even see the people with whom we cross paths day in and day out and consider their needs in the context of Christ?

Do we in our self-centered nature see them as nothing more than people to help us with something, people standing in line in front of us we hope won’t take too long, people walking who bear no significance to us, people serving us in a restaurant so we can get what we want, people bringing our mail to us in our prison cells, people assigning us a room in a homeless shelter, just random people who mean nothing to us whatsoever? Or do we see them as people to whom the Lord might lead us to love and serve?

I have learned to keep my heart and eyes wide open when I interact with people for any opportunity whatsoever I might find to share the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ, to love, encourage, and pray for people, to help them to follow the Lord, to point them to the Bible, and to give to them and bless them in any way the Lord might desire and so lead me.

A faithful follower of Jesus should be ever on the lookout for the leading of the Holy Spirit to love and serve people in His name. Wherever we are, whatever we are doing, let us be open to the leading of the Lord in this. And let us be humble and faithful in obeying Him. AMEN!

“For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another.” Galatians 5:13

Thank you, oh Lord, for the endless opportunities you give us day by day to love and serve you and others in your name. Please help us to not miss a single opportunity. You have taught me that what might look like something insignificant on the surface such as calling a company to place an order, going to a restaurant to eat a meal, going through the drive-through at a bank, walking through a parking lot, walking down the street, going to a neighborhood gathering, dropping off donations at a homeless shelter, talking to cellmates in a prison, etc. may be the perfect opportunity to help someone love and follow you and to bless and encourage and pray for them however you might desire. Please fill me and my readers who follow you afresh with your Holy Spirit, teach us to be sensitive to you and to your leading, give us boldness and courage to share the Good News about you and to lovingly and humbly reach out to a world in dire need of you, dear Father. Thank you, oh Lord, Amen! And may you, Father, get ALL the glory. Amen, amen!

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