I Grieve

Today I hurt. It’s not an “ouch” hurt. It’s a deep grief hurt. I considered how so many of the significant people in my life have mistreated, abused, neglected, rejected, abandoned, and hurt me. And I considered how most of them have not even acknowledged it. And I thought about how this isn’t in the past tense. It is still occurring.

I am blessed to say I have no anger toward these people. I have love, forgiveness, and deep sadness. I grieve because of how lost they are. I grieve because they are living in darkness. I grieve because they have access to light through Jesus Christ but choose to cling to the darkness.

I do not grieve for me. I grieve for them. Because as much as human beings have let me down, I find refuge in the One who never has, never does, and never will. He not only led me out of darkness. He is my eternal Light.

My Jesus.

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