Jesus Stopped Me


It was the smallest of matters. Truly. I had a little plan to do something little that really had little bearing on anything or anyone. It would have taken little time and meant little to most of the world. But still, Jesus stopped me.

I was getting ready to go somewhere to do something because I felt it was the next thing I should do that given day. Besides, I felt I would enjoy the diversion. The fresh air. The walk. The errand. The break from my ministry doggies. The break from the computer. I had no bad motive. The errand had a good intention. But still, Jesus stopped me.

I knew in my heart by His Spirit that it wasn’t His will. And I can promise you FOR YEARS, I said I loved Jesus but controlled my own life. If I sensed the Lord didn’t want me to do something, and I wanted to do it, I climbed up onto my little ungodly throne, made up my mind to please my flesh, turned my little sinful back on Jesus, and off I went. Doing my own thing. Going my own way. Pleasing flesh.

This time, Jesus stopped me. I knew what He wanted. So I lay aside my little plan and chose Jesus and His will instead. Because He is Lord. Because I love Him more than anything or anyone. Because I belong to Him. Because I am His child and servant. Because He is my Lord, Savior, redeemer, and master. Because I am wholly His.

When Jesus stops us, when we know what we’re doing or about to do goes against the Lord and His will, we need to say NO to our flesh and say YES to Jesus. We need to go the right way. His way. Today, tomorrow, and forevermore.

“I stopped you because I know what is best,” the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart as I finished writing this piece. “Trust me. Let me lead the way.”

Sigh. He ALWAYS knows what is best, Jesus does, yes He does!

Sense Jesus is stopping you? Obey Him.

Father God, THANK YOU for stopping me. My precious Jesus, THANK YOU for being in control of my life. Thank you for teaching me that true love for you involves obeying you. Thank you for telling me to clean up my obedience because it was messy. Thank you for loving me so much you don’t want me to do my own will but instead to do yours. Lord, such a battle it is for us humans between the flesh and your Spirit. Help us, dear Father, to surrender entirely to you. Stop us from doing what displeases you. Help us to go the right way. Help us to go your way. Strengthen us to do what is right. Help us to honor you. Now and forevermore. And forgive us for when we fall short, correct us when we need correction, and may your Spirit lead us lovingly and mercifully on – on course. On track. With you, dear Jesus. AMEN!

“And the world is passing away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides forever.” 1 John 2:17

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