Lara’s New Location


Just over 4 years on the road for Jesus full-time now with my handicapped ministry dogs, my “new location” is an “old location” – with NEW opportunities! I am back in coastal South Carolina where the Lord has sent me to do beach, hotel, and streets ministry and my writing & publishing – along with some greatly needed REST! I lived in this area for many years and have returned a few times in the past 4 years to stay in hotels, do ministry work, and rest.

By God’s grace, I just spent almost 2 months in south Florida in a “wilderness season” in which the Lord did much work on me, in me, and through me. Two days ago, I drove about an hour south, drove several hours west, drove up the west coast of Florida, then hours through the countryside, for about 11.5 hours with only very short stops. Then some sleep in a hotel room and another 4 hours drive yesterday. Tired, yes. And very excited. Already took the ministry dogs to the beach yesterday & was blessed to hand out my Gospel tracts!

I am exceedingly thankful to the Lord for drawing me closer to Himself, for growing me in His image, for filling me with and leading me by His Holy Spirit, and for the amazing privilege of helping people to find and forever faithfully and devotedly follow the Lord Jesus Christ!

Prayers appreciated as I go forth in the love and strength of Christ for the glory of Christ, AMEN!

p.s. I am now driving my new car for Christ / ministry mobile after having said goodbye to my car with about 260,000 miles on it. The Lord blessed me with a used vehicle that is the perfect fit for my lifestyle being on the road for Him! Glory to the Lord!

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