Dear friend, …………
Today I enjoyed some of God’s simple blessings. Warm weather. Sunshine. Multiple walks which I absolutely love. Spending time singing to the Lord and seeking Him. A little time in His Word so far with plans to spend more time in it before the day’s end. Chocolate, oh how I love chocolate. Walking with my wheelchair doggies and seeing the miracle of Miss Mercy using her old wheelchair with strength and energy she hasn’t had in months. Ice cubes with cold water and just a little Sprite mixed in. Simple blessings, aren’t they?

Friend, for those of us who’ve had struggle after struggle in our lives, who are all too familiar with seemingly relentless trials, sometimes we become so bogged down with tribulations that we miss enjoying and being thankful for even the simplest of blessings.

Today, I am thankful for little blessings. And I am thankful for the greatest blessing of all – the LORD JESUS CHRIST!

Today, and always, BE THANKFUL – to the Lord and for the Lord, AMEN!

Love in His name,


“…O Lord my God, I will give thanks to You forever…”

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