When I wrapped up yet another 40-day fast yesterday of some of my all-time favorite foods as I prayed in three main areas the Lord had placed on my heart, He told me this: ……….

“Don’t go charging ahead now that you’re here in New York City,” the Spirit of Christ spoke to my heart. “Let me lead.”

I am so in love with the Lord Jesus Christ and so out of control on fire to tell the world about Him that I could be out on the streets and writing about Him 24-7 if I had the energy. New York City for me is a phenomenal opportunity to be among millions of people in a concentrated area who need to give their lives to Christ, return to Christ, or simply receive love and encouragement in continuing to follow Christ.

I am still exhausted for a number of reasons, and I need to be careful about waiting on the Lord to lead me day in and day out in life and ministry.

Please keep me prayed up however the Lord leads you to pray!

Love & blessings,


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