Lesson from a FAN

I couldn’t believe how powerful the high speed of the small fan in the dog building was tonight when I turned off the industrial size fan for a little break and resorted to the enormously smaller one. Then, I remembered. I had finally done the honors of cleaning the fan after who knows how long, ridding it of a huge combination of mostly dog hair not to mention plenty of dust. The motor, or power source, behind the fan had not changed. But the fan had been too filthy for the motor to operate at full power. Sound familiar?

When my heart and life get clogged up with sin, whether it be fear, anger, bitterness, hurt, lack of forgiveness, rage, hurting someone, judging someone, being rough with a dog, etc., guess what happens to the presence of the Holy Spirit of God inside of, and through, me? God’s power doesn’t get any smaller, of course, but His power and presence cannot operate in and through me at full capacity because I block Him off with sin.

I have long since made it a practice to examine myself daily, throughout the day and evening, to enable the Holy Spirit to convict me of where I fall short and to repent from my sins to open up the full flow of the Lord’s love and power through me once again. Though some days I do a better job of this than others, I never skip this practice.

Do you know what happened with the fan over an extended period of time? The obvious is that it became more and more clogged up with hair and dust, decreasing the ability to blow air over time. But this is not all. The less obvious is that I became so accustomed to the very small amount of air blowing out that I had quite forgotten how the fan could operate at full force.

Sadly, it is easy to do the same with our hearts and lives. If we do not make it an extremely regular practice to examine our hearts and lives and to seek and receive the Lord’s forgiveness for where we fall short, we can forget how our hearts and lives might look without all the dirt. Over time, as I did with the fan, we can become so accustomed to our dirt-filled lives that we forget there is any other way to live.

I wasn’t too excited about lugging the tall, bulky fan across the yard to where I could try to vacuum it out and ultimately hose it down, but it was well worth the effort to get it back into good working order. Now my job is to keep it that way – just as I must do with my heart and life.

My number one favorite book of all time is THE BIBLE, and my favorite Christian book which has helped me immeasurably in learning how to take care of my heart to maximize the flow of God through it is Nancy Missler’s The Way of Agape. I have just started reading her book Be Ye Transformed, another great reminder that it is my responsibility to keep this vessel of the Lord’s clean and fit for His use.

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