Marcos Begins New Life With 1st Snow


Marcos began his new life yesterday after a flight clear across the entire nation by burrowing his nose in his first snow, and today I heard him over the telephone lapping a bowl of broth in his homemade chicken soup. He arrived yesterday in Maryland after a 24 hour flight with many stops after being rescued from euthanization in a California shelter by his rescue angel. He is now with his angel foster family in Virginia for a few days, before he flies to South Carolina courtesy of his angel pilots before he lands in the waiting fold of Walk by Faith Ministry. Quite a story for a 13 year old senior special needs dog that has a history nobody will ever know for sure. We may not know his past, but I can promise on behalf of Walk by Faith Ministry and most importantly by the grace of God that he will get all the love he deserves as he continues his new life with me & his Walk by Faith Ministry fellow miracle dogs! Thanks to God and to all the wonderfully huge hearted people nationwide who have prayed for him and donated for his care.

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