God is so good – all the time. Isn’t He? He sure is. Just when I thought my heart and plate couldn’t be any fuller, He’s got me on the go again. Am I ever not on the go? Anyway…On Thursday, paralyzed doggie Miss Mercy (in her wheelchair!) will head off to a local nursing home in Ridgeland, SC, to visit the wife of a new senior friend of mine as well as the other residents. As I shared with a friend this morning, this is NOT about the dogs. And this is NOT pet therapy.

Walk by Faith Ministry’s mission is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ while ministering the Lord’s to a world in need. Though I am quite sure Miss Mercy’s visit will bring a smile to some of the residents’ faces, my number one job is to bring the Gospel, the love and the light of Jesus Christ to the world around me. If all goes well with Miss Mercy’s visit, I hope to head back there with paralyzed doggie Mr. Simeon (Miss Mercy’s fiance) in his wheelchair! But, as is usually the case with me, this is not all…….

On Friday, amid my usual flurry of daily activities, I will pay another visit. A very special senior couple who adopted Freckles from Walk by Faith Ministry almost two years ago has just moved to an assisted living facility. The Lord provided a wonderful way to bless them, to bless me, to bless Freckles, and hopefully many others. Rather than keep Freckles with them at the facility, they decided to “sponsor” him on Walk by Faith Ministry’s very special property – with me! – so they could remain his mom and dad. I am officially the God – mommie now of Freckles. And this means I will get to visit the couple with Freckles where there are plenty of other senior residents who I hope might be blessed by the Lord through our visit also.

God is so very good, isn’t He? Yes, all the time. And now I get to thank Him for bringing me and Walk by Faith Ministry into the lives of a whole bunch of new people – this time around, seniors!

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