Oh, Quench My Thirst!


   “But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.” John 4:14

Ever been so thirsty you can’t imagine going another second without something to quench your thirst? We humans spend most of our lives trying to quench and satisfy our physical needs and desires, don’t we? When we’re born, we reach for the breast to nurse. Then baby food. Then solid. We’re thirsty; we crave water. Then other drinks. As soon as we have a desire for something, or someone, to make us feel good, to feel better, to be okay, to make us happy, to help us, etc., we want to go after it. Then we want more. We find water, then want other drinks. We enjoy one food, then want more and others. We find one friend. We want more. Our world seems all about more. But there’s never enough to satisfy. Everything always runs out. What we desire physically can never keep up.

Oh, if only we would turn our hearts and attention, our thirst and hunger, to the Lord. To desire God more than the stuff of this world. To  understand nothing, and nobody, satisfies like God. Nothing, and nobody, is more loving, more lovely, more merciful, more forgiving, more fulfilling, more satisfying, more nourishing, more life-giving, more life-changing, more exciting, more delightful, more beautiful, more inspiring, more brilliant, more glorious, more enjoyable, more freeing, more captivating, more consuming, more holy, more righteous, more sovereign, more knowledgeable, more wise, more enduring, more praiseworthy, more creative, more engaging, more transforming, more joyful, more hopeful, more faithful, more true, more loyal, more honest, sweeter, stronger, mightier, more powerful, more intimate, more awesome, more amazing, more adoring, more worthy, more giving, more beloved, more providing, more worthy of reverence, adoration, and glory than God almighty whom we can know, be loved by, be forgiven by, and love ever more by turning from our sins, believing in Christ, and turning to God and His ways.

I used to think Christ by God’s Spirit would quench my thirst and satisfy my hunger. But the more I seek God’s presence, the more I know Him, the more I love Him, the more I want to love, worship, obey, and serve Him, the more I want of Him. The more we bring our thirst and hunger to Him, the more He gives us of Himself. Thirst for the Lord! Hunger for Him! Desire Him! Seek Him! Turn from your sins and follow Him! Drink of the living waters of God’s Spirit! Experience Him! Enjoy Him! Love and worship Him forever! Jesus promised those who drink of the living waters will never thirst, so why am I so thirsty? When we drink of Christ, we will undoubtedly want more. There is always more of Christ’s Spirit to be had.

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