The Computer Monster


 “Ye shall walk after the LORD your God, and fear him, and keep his commandments, and obey his voice, and ye shall serve him, and cleave unto him.” Deut. 13:4

No matter how different we humans look on the outside, no matter how different the stories and details of our lives, some things we plain have in common. Like the fact we tend to cling and cleave to what and whom we believe matters most in our lives, and to have great difficulty letting that go or losing it or when circumstances change such that we can no longer have, own, possess, enjoy, experience, use, etc. what that thing or person is. We humans pretty much hold onto stuff as soon as we come tumbling out as newborns into this world, don’t we? So I’m guessing you can relate.

One day I was excitedly putting the finishing touches on writing a little devotional I couldn’t wait to share with others. All of a sudden, the “computer monster” started gobbling up the entire piece word by word. I couldn’t stop the monster! Then I realized it had begun to gobble up over 100 pages of notes and stuff for possible future devotionals. The monster was on its way to gobbling up everything on my computer! I was frantic! My history is such if I lost any of my writing, I would ordinarily do some combo of screaming, crying, panicking, pleading with God, pleading with computer experts, etc. This time, I got up, walked away, prayed briefly, and realized something astonishing. God has so changed me! I am so in love with and devoted to Christ now I realized I would be perfectly fine if I never saw a word I had ever written again. Because I have everything that matters. I have the Lord Jesus Christ. I have the promise of eternal life. I have God’s forgiveness. I am born again. I have an amazing ever growing forever relationship with God. I know who my Lord is. I am His daughter and His servant. He provides all I need. Most especially His love and salvation. Would I be happy if I lost all my stuff on the computer? Unlikely. But I would be okay. The only words that matter at the end of the day aren’t mine. They’re God’s. His Bible. I am nothing. He is everything. This world, including the computer monster, will one day be gone. What matters most? Not the stuff and people we tend to cling to. But the One who is forever! The Lord! The One we need to learn to cling to instead of this life and everything in it. What matters most to us should never be what and whom we have or lose. It should always be the Lord. We all need to take our clutching, clinging, cleaving hearts and hands, release what and whom we hold so desperately tight in them, and clutch, cling, and cleave to the Lord instead. We should be thankful for and enjoy the blessings God gives us, but nothing should be to us of greater importance than Jesus Christ! Let us clutch, cling, and cleave to Him!

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