Paralyzed Dog’s 4th Miracle


When my beloved special needs ministry dog Miss Mercy was hit by probably a truck about 10 years ago and left paralyzed in an animal shelter, God had saved her life after the accident. Miss Mercy was likely headed for euthanization in the rural shelter given her paralysis and the pet overpopulation epidemic, but God gave her another miracle when He sent me from about 5 hours away to pick her up and take her under my wing and to become an instrumental part of my streets / hotel / beach ministry work.

A couple of years later, Miss Mercy nearly died. Apparently her spleen had split into two spleens in the accident, and one of the spleens was now a splenic torsion along with numerous other problems. God saved her life yet again.

This very day that I write this, I took Miss Mercy along with special needs ministry dog Grace who was abandoned at a gas station years ago and hit by 2 cars on the same day for a walk on the beach. While getting the wheelchair from the back of my car, I heard a crash.

Miss Mercy had fallen out of the car onto the ground and was waving her front legs around to try to get up. Miraculously, without injury as far as I can tell, she made clear she was excited to get in her wheelchair and get to the beach. A paralyzed dog falling to the ground without hurting herself, amazing.

I take none of these miracles for granted, I praise God exceedingly in my heart, and I try my best to no longer take any miracles or blessings from God for granted anymore as I did for a long time.

I also believe miracles have at least two higher purposes beyond simply God blessing us and showing us His love, mercy, grace, and glory. I believe they are opportunities to love, praise, honor, worship, and glorify God both on our own AND in front of others. And I believe God in the miracles He gives us creates opportunities to love and serve Him and love and serve others all the more.

Rest assured as much as I exceedingly enjoy my companions Miss Mercy and Grace, I am also humbled and blessed beyond measure to have witnessed about a decade of God using Miss Mercy to connect me to people to love, encourage, pray for, give Gospel tracts to, share the Gospel with, and inspire. To the Lord be every single ounce of glory, Hallelujah! Amen!

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” James 1:17 KJV

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