Spiritual Blessings! – 100 Days of Thanksgiving


Day #4 of my Big Thanksgiving Challenge. Excerpted from my 100 Days of Thanksgiving Devotional-Journal which you can order when you CLICK HERE.

Spiritual Blessings!

Not only is God our greatest gift, and not only is God the giver of every wonderful gift, but God isn’t just the giver of physical blessings! God, as the Bible shows us, is the giver of every single “spiritual blessing”. Have you ever considered this, and have you ever expressed your Thanksgiving to God for all your spiritual blessings?

I can’t speak for God, so I don’t want to assume I know exactly what all of His spiritual blessings are. But when I think of spiritual blessings, I like to think of beautiful blessings like love, hope, joy, peace, kindness, mercy, grace, forgiveness, compassion, communing with God, friendship with God, loving relationships with people, wisdom from God, the Truth of the Bible, etc. Hoping this message inspires you to think of your spiritual blessings and to be thankful to God for them!

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ:” Ephesians 1:3 KJV


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