Thanksgiving Isn’t Over


Thanksgiving isn’t over. It has just begun. The holidays may be finished for another year, but the time to praise the Lord has just begun. Tonight, I fell so very short of praising my Lord. As I clicked away on my keyboard to write the book in which I am now deeply immersed, I heard the sound. The sound! The uh-oh sound. Dancer the beagle rescue dog had vomited the dark brown poop he had eaten – all over my bed. The vomit fell off the side of the bed until it landed perfectly on the library book I look forward to reading each night when I unwind on my bed. I hauled my ruined bed out to the front yard to take to the dump. I tossed the library book in the trash. And then, knowing I have no bed or couch in my sparsely furnished home to sleep on tonight, I whined. And whined.

Wasn’t Thanksgiving just weeks ago? Wasn’t Christmas only days ago? Wasn’t everyone running around thanking God for everything? What happened to my praise? It got lost in my circumstances. Then, I remembered. My pastor brings back regular reports from his ongoing ministry in Haiti. He said families of 6 sleep in tents for 2. They hold up pans when it rains to catch the rain. They probably don’t even dream of beds. They likely imagine bigger tents. And here I am in America, just days after the holidays, forgetting how very blessed I am in my warm home with a full stomach and an amazing God. Praise the Lord!

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