The Reappearance of Lara Moody


Just in case anyone was preparing to put out a missing person’s alert for the director of Walk by Faith Ministry, I am happy to say there is no need. The Reappearance of Lara Moody may not qualify for a motion picture or a front-page news story, but I do believe friends of Walk by Faith Ministry deserve to know the news: I am alive and well! If you have ever jumped into writing a Christian book while finishing up a difficult divorce you never dreamed would happen, combined with caring for a large brood of rescue dogs and posting updates to three web-blogs, you may understand why I have not kept up with e-mail updates as much as I would like. With the devil attacking from one end and the Holy Spirit leading me forward from the other, I have decided the tug of war is the last thing I needed. Suffice it to say, I realized following Jesus might involve a little tiny baby bit of transformation (with a steaming hot side dish of growing pains) – but it far surpasses the other way I might have gone. With my decision in tow to walk with the Lord through this all, I am pleased as pink punch to say – my reappearance has at the least reached your eyes with a reminder I am always grateful for prayer!

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