The Sweet Peace of Surrender

I am so at peace. It is morning, and I could curl up with this sweet peace of surrender and go back to sleep – a deep, restful peace. For months, for years, I fought surrender.
I held onto my life as though it were my own. Jesus died on the cross to give me this life, but even when I invited Him into my life I didn’t give my life to Him. I gave Him part of it, alright. I gave Him the pieces I no longer wanted, or the ones I felt I could give up. But there were areas I would not surrender. Only in recent days, and weeks, did I surrender all. And now this sweet peace of surrender I know, it makes me understand the exhaustion I experienced for so very long.

The fight I fought was not a fight of faith  (1 Tim. 6:12 KJV) as the Bible teaches me, but a fight of disobedience and rebellion. It took just about everything out of me to battle against the Lord’s best for my life, but now I know. There is nothing like the peace of surrender, of knowing at last my entire life is in His hands – where I belong. Now, I not only can curl up with this sweet peace of surrender. I can curl up with the Lord Himself. My first love. The one from whom I held back my life. The one who now holds me in His hands, and keeps me in His heart. Forever.

2Co 5:15  “And that he died for all, that they which live should not henceforth live unto themselves, but unto him which died for them, and rose again.”

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