This is NOT the Truth!


The devil’s lies are NOT truth. They are LIES! The devil in his three-fold mission to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10) deceives (Revelation 12:9), lies (John 8:44), and accuses (Revelation 12:10) among numerous other horrific, heinous, and wicked antics. Trouble is if we’re not careful, we listen to his lies, believe his lies, and base our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions on his lies rather than on God’s truth as He teaches us in His Word and as He speaks to our hearts by His Spirit who lives in His followers and always speaks in line with His Word.

Recognize the devil’s lies, reject them, and believe in and live by God’s truth instead.

Example. You are clear the Lord has called you to something in the way of serving Him. You start out following Him in this. The devil tells you that you will never make it, you will fail, you can’t possibly do what God has called you to, it’s all impossible, so you should quit NOW. Reject the devil’s lies. Believe God’s truth. The Bible says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13).”

Example. You are madly in love with your significant other. You both believe in Jesus Christ as Lord. You’ve started talking about marriage. You are having sexual intercourse and spending the night at each other’s houses. The devil tells you it’s absolutely okay because you love each other, believe in Jesus, will one day marry, and the world says it’s perfectly fine and just about everyone else is doing it. God’s truth is this is sin against God. You need to reject the devil’s lies, believe God’s truth, turn away from your sin and seek God’s forgiveness.

Example. You hate someone and are bitter and resentful toward that person and are convinced you need to get back at that person in one way or another because after all the person deserves some sort of revenge even if it’s just a little in your estimate anyway. God’s truth is hatred is murder (1 John 3:15) in the eyes of Jesus, and we are commanded to love, bless, forgive, pray for, and do good to our enemies (Matthew 5:44 and Matthew 6:14-15). You need to do what God says to do and turn your back on the devil’s lies.

Friend, don’t let the devil bait you. Stop believing his lies. Believe God’s truth and live by it. For the glory of Christ, Amen!

Father, I feel like I need this message more than anyone! No matter how many times you remind me, Father, I find I keep letting in thoughts I shouldn’t have. Believing the devil’s lies and losing my focus on you and your Word. Forgive me, Lord, and forgive us all, all of us who struggle with this. Help us to live for you according to your ways, according to your truth, according to your will for our lives, for your amazing glory, sweet and precious eternal Father, thank you, AMEN!

“Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path.” Psalm 119:105

“Sanctify them by Your truth. Your word is truth.” John 17:17

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