“As the deer pants for the water brooks,
So pants my soul for You, O God.
My soul thirsts for God, for the living God…” Psalm 42:1-2

If you don’t think paralyzed dogs have a love life, think again. Or meet paralyzed dog Mr. Simeon, one of my ministry’s 5 special needs doggies that have been on the road for Jesus with me for 2 years now. My sweet Mr. Simeon is so in love with me that when I go to the bathroom and shut the door, he starts talking to let me know he doesn’t like that I’m gone from him. It’s not separation anxiety. He’s not anxious. He just wants me to know he wants me back. Now.

Everywhere I go, he wants to be with me. His bed is flush up against my bed so I can assure Him I’m right there beside him. I used to think this desire of his was simply because he being paralyzed depends on me for everything. Then I realized the truth.

Mr. Simeon doesn’t just want to be near me at all times because he needs something from me. He wants to be with me always because he is so incredibly unbelievably immeasurably in love with me! Does this make you think what I do?

The Lord doesn’t want us to desire Him only because we need Him, does He? He wants us to hunger and thirst for Him more than anything because we fulfill His greatest command in LOVING HIM WITH ALL OUR HEARTS. Yet how often do we cry out to the Lord because we want something? Instead of simply crying out to Him and chasing after Him because we are so incredibly unbelievably immeasurably in love with Him?

Some of us have some changes to make, don’t we? Let us make our highest priority LOVING THE LORD WITH ALL OUR HEARTS – so much so that wherever God is, we want to be. That wherever we are, we want Him right here with us. That we cry out to the Lord simply because we love Him and adore Him and want more of His presence in our lives!

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