Update & Prayer Request


Dear friend,

I have now been on the road for Jesus & ministry with my beloved handicapped ministry dogs for almost 3.5 years doing streets ministry, writing & publishing Gospel tracts, devotionals, books, and lara love’s Good News Magazine, and doing video devotionals and one on one ministry. I am ever in awe the Lord brought me out of decades of brokenness beyond human hope into a life of total devotion to Him.

I am currently in coastal South Carolina and have thus far been in Virginia, New Jersey, New York City, South Carolina, North Carolina, South Carolina, the Florida Panhandle, Virginia, West Virginia, New Jersey, and New York City. The Lord has made clear I am to continue being on the road full-time for Him. He has given me in South Carolina a time of rest, loads of time for writing and publishing, and countless opportunities to do streets ministry.

He is continuing to grow the distribution list for my lara love’s Good News Magazine as well as my tracts and devotionals around the United States including to prisons, homeless shelters, rescue missions, street preachers, jails, a Christian medical clinic, a Christian pregnancy center, onto the streets via individuals, onto the streets via my own streets ministry work, and to anyone else He desires.

I have just completed writing my 8th book by His grace and have started on my 9th book, and my Good News Daily by email goes out around the world to anyone who signs up.

Perhaps you wonder if I ever get tired. I have three loving helpers with the printing & production, but the amount of work that falls on my shoulders is still exceeding. I thank the Lord He has called me to forsake all for Him so that my time is all His, and He truly gives me the strength day by day to press on.

That said, every so often I have found myself burned out from my tendency to push myself to an extreme degree coupled with the amount of responsibilities I have including the 24-7 care of 4 handicapped ministry dogs.

I recently found myself burned out again, and this is combined with great attack from the devil who is trying to stop me from going forward in ministry and with a decades-long grueling battle with an eating disorder.

If you are led to pray for me, this ministry, the ministry dogs, and all those worldwide the Lord is reaching, I would be thankful beyond measure.

In addition, despite letting people know over the years that my ministry is in very big need of more donations and Monthly Sponsors, I have continued to have very few people giving to the ministry for the glory of the Lord. I do not get a salary, the tracts, devotionals, and magazine are all free, the books are available for free by email or with a donation, so this is most assuredly a ministry that does not revolve around money but around the Lord Jesus Christ!

Each time I have asked if people might be led to give, or simply shared the need and asked for prayer, I have usually had 1 or 2 people give a one-time donation for which I am very thankful. But the reality is that as the Lord continues to grow the ministry and its reach for Him, it would be an amazing blessing to have more people make the sacrifice to step forward and help support my labor of love for the Lord Jesus Christ!

Please contact me at 843-338-2219 or lara@GoodNews.love if you would like to become a Monthly Sponsor, or you can sign up and give on my website at http://www.GoodNews.love.

Despite some big fatigue as mentioned, and despite the fiery trial concerning the devil’s attack and the eating disorder, I am more excited than I have ever been to press on in the strength of Christ for the glory of Christ with my life’s calling to help people worldwide to find and forever faithfully follow Him.

To the Lord be every single ounce of glory!

love & blessings,


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