Update & Prayer Request


By God’s grace, I left South Carolina yesterday morning and spent about 12 hours in the car driving to Virginia my latest location on the road for Jesus and ministry. I drove about 2 hours more today and arrived at my destination outside Washington D.C. Thank the Lord, I now have a new used car which is absolutely perfect for my labor of love for the Lord. It drives beautifully, and there is loads of room for special needs ministry dogs Miss Mercy and Grace as well as for my belongings, their belongings and wheelchairs, and my ministry equipment, tracts, Bibles, etc.

Surprisingly, despite my usual lack of good sleep, I am only mildly tired. I attribute that to my being more filled with the Holy Spirit and the Word of God than ever. My passion for the Lord and for people and for telling the world about Jesus is greater than ever, and I am humbled and excited to go forward.

I took a very long route to get to my next destination due to the Lord’s leading, and He made clear the route He chose was to test my submission and obedience to Him and to give me plenty of time to spend alone with Him hearing Him reveal to me His plans going forward in ministry. Some big changes are on the way, and I am thrilled and look forward to sharing them with you as the Lord leads.

As you can imagine, I am in need of big rest and some time to settle in. The Lord has not made clear how long I will be at this location nor the exact purpose. I am learning to truly put my trust in the Lord not just day by day but moment by moment!

I look very forward to getting back to my Good News Daily writing, and ask for your patience as I get caught up on rest and spend time in the presence of the Lord as I continue seeking and following Him!

In the meantime, I would be thankful beyond measure for ongoing prayer and would be super thankful for donations and for new monthly sponsors to help me fulfill my life’s calling for the Lord!

love & blessings, lara

p.s. Even as I’m sending out this update, I am becoming more tired! BIG SMILE! Suffice it to say I expect to be getting some good Bible reading time, time in the sunshine, and hopefully some better and much needed sleep! Thanks for your love & prayers!

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