Update & Prayer Request


EXCITING NEWS! Even as the Lord leads me forward in my ministry work in New York City, He has placed on my heart that He is leading me out of New York City in the not too distant future and on to other locations! I am ecstatic! Oh, sure, it’s bittersweet. I LOVE being in New York City for ministry. It’s an AMAZING opportunity for endless ministry.

But the Lord placed strongly on my heart that THE ENTIRE WORLD needs help in finding and forever following Him. And ALL OF AMERICA needs help in finding and following Him. And while many people come to New York City to do ministry work, there are people all over America that need help concerning Jesus also! Small towns, big cities, places nearby, places far away, the North, the South, the East, the West. ALL OVER THIS NATION!

I believe some of these places and people get overlooked because they don’t have the big city names like New York City. But the Lord cares just as much about the poor widow in rural Idaho as he cares about the street gang members in Chicago. And the opioid addicted prostitutes in small towns in West Virginia need to hear about Jesus just as much as the actors and actresses in Hollywood, California.

I am so in love with Jesus, and so devoted to Him, and so love people, and so desire to tell the whole world about Jesus that I will go where the Lord sends me when He sends me to bring the messages He wants me to deliver.

And I thank the Lord not only does He send me out in person to people around the country, but that He uses the Internet mightily to use my writing and videos to reach people as well. Oh, such a heart I have for my Jesus! Oh, such a heart I have for this world to know, love, adore, worship, serve, and glorify Him forever and ever!

PLEASE PRAY FOR ME! I have had exceedingly little physical and financial help and support over the past few years. I have been exhausted much of the time. But my trust is in the Lord Jesus Christ, I am pressing on in His name for His glory, and your prayers are greatly appreciated!

Please ENJOY today’s FOUR new devotionals below hot off the press from my heart to yours!

love & blessings,


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