Update & Prayer Request from Lara


Hi everyone,

Once again, another big update & another big prayer request!

I am completely and humbly blown away by the exceeding work the Lord is doing through my heart, life, and ministry right now. I am astounded at the numbers of people He is reaching near and far – and at the countless opportunities He is giving me day and night seven days a week to talk to people about Him.

I have never had a deeper hunger and thirst for more of the Lord and His Word, and never had a greater desire, passion, and fire to love and worship Him and help people to find and forever faithfully and devotedly follow Him.

It is unfathomable to me to watch the endless steady stream of people to whom He is introducing me from right in the hallway of the hotel where I stay to people far away by Internet. Endless, endless, endless people whose hearts He is opening to hear about Jesus and to receive the tracts and devotionals I write.

Right as all this is happening, He has called me to several utterly enormous ministry projects that have my mouth just about dropping open.

How can I possibly do all this on top of what I’m already doing in the way of streets ministry and writing and publishing Gospel tracts, devotionals, and books not to mention getting slowly ready for the next three locations on the road for Jesus full-time for just under two years now? And with caring for 5 special needs dogs on the road? With no staff, a bare-bones budget, and one friend helping me as best she can with preparing and shipping tracts and devotionals and a church helping with printing?

The Lord has given me a calling and details within it that are clearly impossible to be fulfilled by one woman especially with a past of complete decades-long brokenness who is now 51 and doesn’t have a husband or family helping to support my ministry work.


In the coming days, I will be sharing with you a VERY BIG ANNOUNCEMENT about the nature of my online devotional writing and in the coming few weeks another VERY BIG ANNOUNCEMENT about my ministry online.

I ask you from the bottom of my heart to please pray like never before for me, my ministry, the ministry service special needs dogs, and the countless people worldwide the Lord is reaching through this ministry.

Yesterday a man I met asked what I need. I didn’t even know where to begin. I simply said PRAY. PLEASE PRAY.

What do I need? I need love, prayer, encouragement, help, support, safety, protection, wisdom, much greater financial support, a new vehicle when it’s time perfect for being on the road with special needs dogs, continued excellent health thanks be go God, a great generous mechanic in the Florida Panhandle to fix my current car with about 250,000 miles on it, God’s wisdom and direction, sleep, rest, human food donations especially bakery bread for paralyzed dog Mr. Simeon, 7 people to help with online ministry work, people in Loudoun and Fairfax counties, VA, to help with printing, folding, and stapling tracts and devotionals, administrative help, people around the country to help distribute the tracts and devotionals, temporary housing in DC for me and my sweet beloved special needs doggies near the US Capitol for dates to be announced, and the list goes on – and on.

Where does it all begin? The Lord knows my needs, and He knows how He will provide and through whom. So please, please please PRAY. PRAY, AND PRAY… AND PLEASE HELP AND GIVE IF AND AS HE LEADS YOU.

Thanks for your patience this week with my Daily Inspiration and 365 Blessings online writing as I am working exceedingly hard to facilitate the big upcoming changes much of which includes technical computer work which is not my strong point!

I am filled with the love, hope, peace, excitement, purpose, mercy, compassion, and joy of the Spirit of God like never before. Seems every breath I take, I am more excited than the last breath to tell more people the only way to an everlasting relationship with God is through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ as Lord who died on the cross to pay our sin penalty and was raised from the dead – and to help people understand this isn’t a one-time emotional experience after which we go back to our old lives the way we were living them.

It’s a genuine turning from a lifestyle of sin to a lifestyle of humbly, lovingly, devotedly, wholeheartedly, unashamedly, passionately loving, praising, honoring, serving, obeying, glorifying, and following Jesus day by day and forevermore!

Turning our lives over to Jesus Christ is not merely about avoiding eternity in torment in hell and the lake of fire and instead being forgiven by God and spending forever with God in heaven. It’s about entering into Christ’s forever fellowship and living our lives no longer for us but instead now and for eternity living to love and glorify almighty God!

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