What I Told My Paralyzed Dog


“I spend a tremendous amount of time loving and taking care of you, Mr. Simeon, and you still whine,” I told paralyzed ministry doggy Mr. Simeon as I knelt down by my hotel bed upon which he was perched.

“Oh,” I then said. “I better go write that.” I had thought I was finished writing for that day. But not so with a message like this one. I felt strongly compelled to go back to my computer. To write the message I now share with you.

I had had yet another tough day with him. I did about 20 years of dog rescue work a good bit of which in the later years was with special needs dogs. Lots and lots of work. But no dog ever required as much work and time and energy and finances not to mention love, love, love and attention as my precious, beloved, happy, boisterous, lovable, sweet, attention-getting Mr. Simeon. Due to his paralysis and other medical issues. Coupled with his ongoing extreme desire for attention and all his behaviors he uses to try to get that love and attention. Which is why I found myself speaking aloud to him the words I just shared with you. Now imagine what happened as soon as I spoke them.

Isn’t that exactly what I have done with the Lord God almighty? Maybe you also? Complaining is sin, and yet I have done far too much of it over the years. Way, way less than I used to, but still I fall into little bouts of it at times and have to quickly repent. Complaining being sin is one thing, but what the Lord brought to my attention via my words to Mr. Simeon is this.

What I have done in the way of loving, caring for, and providing for Mr. Simeon and his numerous needs for some years is NOTHING compared with all the love, care, and providing for me the Lord has done throughout my entire life! Who am I, and who are you, to ever complain to the Lord given the fact He bestows upon us countless blessings each and every day of our lives right down to our very next breath, food, clothing, shelter, love, love, love, everlasting life with Him most importantly through repentance and faith in Christ as Lord, family and friends, sunshine and water, hope, joy, and peace through Jesus, and on and on the blessings go!

Friend, I saw how pitiful is my sin of complaining in those moments with my precious Mr. Simeon. And now I see as I write this how indescribably far short I have fallen in what I should have been doing all along not to mention what I should be doing each and every day now and forever. Being thankful to the Lord, praising Him, worshiping Him, loving and serving Him, humbling myself before Him and obeying Him, living to glorify Him, expressing thanksgiving to Him in my thoughts, words, prayers, and actions.

Oh, friend, do you, too, have some humbling yourself to do? Some changing and growing to do? Let us humble ourselves, my friend, and change our attitudes and strive day in and day out to love, honor, adore, and praise the Lord who is so good, so good, so indescribably good and wonderful to us, yes, AMEN!

Lord, forgive us! Lord, help us! Lord, teach us! Lord, grow us! Lord, thank you, thank you, thank you for your amazing patience with us! Oh, dear Lord, we need you, we need you, yes, we need you! You are so awesome, so amazing, so good, so great, so magnificent, how dare we ever complain! Oh, teach us to be thankful, dear Father, AMEN!

“My heart is steadfast, O God, my heart is steadfast; I will sing and give praise.” Psalm 57:7

“Therefore by Him let us continually offer the sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of our lips, giving thanks to His name.” Hebrews 13:15

“Let my mouth be filled with Your praise And with Your glory all the day.” Psalms 71:8

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