When God Makes Me Cry

I have found myself crying more. Sometimes single tears, sometimes more. Often, I get choked up with tears. Sometimes I have wept. God makes me cry. When I preach. When I speak of His holiness.When I remember His love for me.

When I can’t believe once more how His mercy never runs out for me, even me. When He moves upon my heart. When He pours writing through me, and preaching through me, as though I am nothing more than a heart and a mouth, a heart and a keyboard, a heart that is His vessel. I am His daughter. I am His servant. And I cry.

Astonished that the Creator of this universe would want me, would invite me into His fold, this once lost sheep. That He would beckon me into His hold. That He would hold me.

I just finished writing a story that brought me to tears. God made me cry. I did not plan to write the story. I had no plan once I began. He just took my heart in His hands and breathed down from heaven. The words came, the story unfolded, the message, God did it. He made me cry.

Such a sweet peace I know. Because of His love, I cry.

When was the last time God made you cry because you took the time to bask in His love? 

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