Who Are You Living for?


Who Are You Living for?

“And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.” Col. 3:17

One day I found myself on my knees seeking God about whether I should go to a specific place that day for a service. I sensed He did not want me to go. I kept seeking Him. I still sensed He didn’t want me to go. I was disappointed because I had thought I might enjoy going. Minutes later, still seeking Him, I sensed He wanted me to go. How flustered and confused I was! I knew the devil creates confusion, not God, and I knew I can create confusion when my flesh rises up against God. Now what would I do? I am so in love with the Lord and desperate to please Him that I truly desire by the leading and strength of His Spirit to learn to walk in His will and ways. But there I was – stuck in confusion. Until a little later, no longer on my knees and having begun the day, God gave me clarity.

It was true God had NOT wanted me to go to that place I had sought Him about. It was also true He then HAD wanted me to go. Sounds confusing, but it wasn’t confusing once I saw what God wanted to show me. When He HAD NOT wanted me to go, it was because the motive in my heart was PURELY FOR ME. When God HAD wanted me to go, He had wanted me to go PURELY FOR HIM – to go there to bring Him glory rather than to go there to get something for myself. He wanted me to go with the right heart – FOR HIM and HIS PURPOSE and HIS GLORY. I had long ago learned in His Word He created humanity to love, worship, serve, and live for Him according to His ways rather than to live self-centered, self-seeking, selfish lives according to the world’s wicked ways. Now He was reminding me wherever I go, whatever I do, I need to have my heart’s desire to love and glorify HIM. My motives need to be pure!

I have come to find when I choose to get my flesh under subjection and LIVE FOR HIM, denying my own wishes, wants, and ways, my own motives and self-serving agenda, instead living life with my highest desire to please Him, that the love, hope, joy, peace, and, most importantly, the ever growing and strengthening of my personal, intimate relationship with God that I find in my heart and life so far surpasses any temporary enjoyment I find in living for myself and my own pleasure that I would not want to have it any other way! There was nothing wrong with where I had wanted to go, but my heart had been wrong. When I repented and went there with a heart to honor and obey God rather than to satisfy my flesh, I was blessed immeasurably. For the more I deny my flesh to live for Christ, the closer I grow to God and the more I enjoy His indescribably awesome fellowship!

Who are you living for? Need to make a change?

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