Your Impossible Dream


Do you have a dream or dreams that seem impossible to pursue and fulfill? Friend, I am here to encourage you that ANY and EVERY dream no matter how wild, crazy, different, hard, off-the-beaten-track, enormous, and impossible it may seem CAN be fulfilled WHEN it is the will of God and your heart and life are surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ.

You CAN do anything and everything God put you on this earth to do when you are fully devoted to God and His ways and His will for you and live in obedience to Him.

Through His love, strength, grace, mercy, wisdom, direction, and provision, when your desire is to do God’s will and to glorify God in all you do, you CAN fulfill any and every dream HE HAS PLACED IN YOUR HEART.

Herein is the key. We need to make sure our dreams are God’s will for us. We need to make sure our dreams are NOT our will for ourselves apart from God.

When we have prayed, waited on God, made sure what we believe we hear from God lines up with the Bible, listened for His Holy Spirit who lives inside His followers speaking to our hearts, have sought counsel from His followers who are strongly grounded in His Word as the Lord leads us, and are clear our dreams are what God desires for us, we can rest assured day by day as we turn to the Lord He will provide all we need to achieve the dreams He has given us.

Please don’t let anyone or anything talk you out of the dream(s) God has given you – not the devil, not your loved ones, not this world, not your flesh.

Cry out to the Lord to make His will known to you, to help you figure out if your dream(s) are His will for you, to let go of any dream(s) you have that are not His will for you, and to enable you to fulfill the dream(s) He has placed in your heart. If you don’t have dreams, if you have no sense of His will for you, pray to Him, seek Him, and trust Him to reveal His plans for your life. All of this begins with beginning and continuing on in a forever relationship with God through a life devoted to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Trust God to lead you down the pathway He has ordained for your life. Fulfilling each and every dream He has given you included – and remembering to give God glory every step of the way!

I love how the psalmist declares he “delights” to do the will of God. Let us delight to fulfill the dreams God gives us. And let us not have pity parties and temper tantrums when God tells us to let any or all of our dreams go because they are not His will for us. Let us truly put our trust in the Lord when it comes to our dreams – and when it comes to all matters! Amen!

“I delight to do Your will, O my God,…” Psalm 40:8

“And those who know Your name will put their trust in You; For You, LORD, have not forsaken those who seek You.” Psalm 9:10

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